url or irl?
what does the internet look like without big tech curation?
we ought to find ourselves within each other, see who we are without the imposed suggestions of their algorithms. How do we create a community within the vastness of the internet?
The myth of decentralization and how it has been appropriated by cyberlibertarianism, proves that technology is structured in a way that blurs the meaning of non-hierarchy. Wikipedia is open to everyone but at the same time holds enormous power over our knowledge. An entire planet is using one specific platform to learn, whether that is trivial information or the foundation of their essays.
The servers of Google do not serve us. Maybe we should come up with a new name for them, like butlers or servers-but-only-for-specific-people.
the problematic use of decentralization is highlighted in digital utopias like decentraland. Fuck decentraland, fuck their cryptocurrencies, their digital domino's kiosks and their "you only worth as much as your cryptowallet" mentality.